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August Treatment 8/22

Just like the smoke from the Canadian wildfires has descended upon us, so has the algae. We have been monitoring the waters and are now entering the pre-bloom stage. While we have experienced great water quality during the hot August nights and days for that matter; like all good things, it will come to an end. Water clarity continues to diminish losing over 3′ of clarity in as many weeks. We are, however, the more fortunate ones as you may have read or heard about in the news. Many lakes have shut down due to water quality problems. The recent little blast of rain has brought many new nutrients into the lake from the creeks which will exacerbate the algae growth problem. To see the issue, take a clear tall drinking glass, scoop up some lake water and you will see the algae particles quite clearly.

To make sure we have continued nice clear water and not murky green water, the next treatment of the lake is scheduled for Wednesday, the 22nd of August. It would be helpful is boat traffic could be kept to a minimum during the application process. Your assistance with that would be greatly appreciated.