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First Treatment of 2021

As with all the spring growth and flowering in your yard, so to the lake is blooming, but not so much in a way we can enjoy. So, our summer treatments begin with the the first inoculation to the lake of Diqauat. This is the same product we have used for many years to eradicate the weeds. For a time anyway….

Treatment will begin on Monday the 21st and conclude on the 22nd. You should see postings on your docks Saturday the 14th. The State requires for any type of treatment a 48 hour swimming restriction be included on the dock postings. However, the manufactures MSDS does not require such a restriction.

If at all possible please refrain from lake boating during the treatment activity. If you are on the water, please keep a large distance from the treatment barge as it will “rock the boat” and pose a safety risk to applicators.