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July Lake Treatment

The warm weather is always nice and an enjoyable time to live the lake life. The downside is the heat assists in promoting algae growth. But not to worry as our lake consultants at Northwest Aquatics Eco-Systems is ready with its arsenal of Hydrothol 191 and its flotilla of disbursement vehicles. 

This will occur on July 27th with postings taking place the Saturday before. As a reminder if you irrigate you lawns and plants from the lake to turn OFF your pumps for 48 hours on Monday the 27th. Also, while the posting language is mandated by the Department of Ecology with swimming restrictions, the manufacturers MSDS sheets do not have that restriction.

This should address our algae concerns for a few weeks or more unless we continue to experience warm weather as we have the last few days.

Hope everyone is enjoying the water so far this year.
Stay safe!