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Lake Closure and Treatment August 24th

Hope everyone has been enjoying these warm/hot days on the lake. What a treat to be able to cool down in the nice clear lake waters of lake Steilacoom. As we all know, all good things must come to an end and our clear toxic free waters show signs of that potentially coming to an end as soon as this coming weekend.

Never fear, however, as the approved budget allows for more future treatments. To keep our waters as nice as we can, the decision has been made to treat on Monday, August 24th. Again our lake consultants at Northwest Aquatics Eco-Systems will be applying Hydrothol 191 to eradicate the algae. 

Postings taking place the Saturday before with standard dock notices. As a reminder if you irrigate you lawns and plants from the lake to turn OFF your pumps for 48 hours on Monday the 24th. Also, while the posting language is mandated by the Department of Ecology with swimming restrictions, the manufacturers MSDS sheets do not have that restriction.

The big change for this application is the two basins will be independently closed during treatment, one at a time. An unfortunate accident happened on another lake which resulted in the sinking of the application vessel, excess chemical displacement and risk to the workers applying the chemicals. Fortunately no one was hurt, and we want to make sure that a boater on Lake Steilacoom doesn’t create adverse news headlines fo us. Please stay off the water during this treatment. You will have the late afternoon and evening to enjoy that day safely. 

Stay safe and off the water on the 24th!