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Family 4th – Boat Parade, BOAT Parade, BOAT PARADE!!!!!

Steilacoom Lake Friends and Neighbors-

 We are approaching the 4th of July once again and the Steilacoom Lake Ski Club would like to invite you ALL to JOIN IN THE PARADE OF BOATS starting at 10:10am on the 4th. Decorate anything you have that floats! and come meet up with us just south of the Interlaaken bridge where we will assemble and tour the lake. Please pass this on to any of your new neighbors that may be interested. We have many new families on the lake and we would like to try to include them.

Of course we need all of the non-participants to get out on your docks and decks to cheer us on! We will start near the West side of the bridge and it will take an hour or so to make the loop. Gauge your location and time from there. Watch for the pirates, mermaids and Star Spangled Banner boats. Kids young and old will enjoy this old time, small town style of parade.

For more information or to join/renew in the ski club,  please contact: Steilacoom Lake Ski Club, 10311 Interlaaken Dr. SW, Lakewood, WA. 98498, Questions can be directed to Chad Wirth @ 202-6158. (Treasurer and active member). Email to:

Thank you, and look forward to seeing you on the lake!

Lake Level Concerns

Lake Flood

High water level update

Just a quick note to let you know that the high water levels are due to the unusually voluminous rain and snow we have been experiencing. The lake is higher than it had been during the summer, with the boards in the dam. All of the boards are out of the dam and have been so since the fall. While the level has dropped over an inch in the past few days, it will take more dry days to see the lake recede to its normal winter level.

Santa’s Lake Tour 2016


Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas from Santa

Santa and his Elves will make an appearance for all of us on Christmas Day. His scheduled start times are 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM from the South end of the lake. It will take him a bit of time to get to the North end so be patient. Be sure to have all the believers, young and old, out on your decks and docks to wave hello to our air-chairing Jolly Fellow and his SeaDoo riding assistants.

LSIC Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the lakefront homeowners will be held on November 3rd, 2016 starting at 6:00PM and ending at 7:30PM. The meeting will be held at the Lakewood City Hall, Council Chambers, 6000 Main Street, Lakewood WA.

Topics of discussion will include past and future lake treatment, safety, lake concerns and the self assessment budget for 2017.

All lakefront homeowners are encouraged to attend.

Lake Lowering


The lake lowering has started. It will take about 14 days or so, depending on the amount of rainfall we get, for the lake to reach its winter low. If you need a higher level to get your boats out for the winter, now is the time.

Weed Treatment

The south end of the lake is experience some weed growth. To keep it under control, the south basin will be treated on Monday, 8/15. Those using the lake for irrigation should refrain from using lake water for 2 days. We will be applying Diaquat to address the weeds. There is no manufactures restriction on swimming, however swimming in the water immediately following the application is not advisable.

Lake Treatment

Our lake consultant has been observing the lake and the algae conditions. The lake clarity has diminished by 6 feet in about 1.5 weeks and the algae counts are growing. The lake will be treated on Wednesday the 8/3 and/or Thursday 8/4. The water is safe for recreational use, however, landscape irrigation should be suspended for 2 days following treatment. You may notice a slight color change in the water as the algae dies off, followed by clear water within a few days.

Enjoy the great summer weather as we should have great water to go with the weather very soon.

4th of July Parade

Its that time again for the annual 4th of July parade of decorated boats. Every year the parade has grown, so lets make this the biggest yet! If you want to participate, decorate your boats and putt over to the southwest side of the bridge and gather at 10:AM on the 4th. We will parade from there, in the traditional counterclockwise rotation. If you don’t plan on being in the parade, make sure to watch from your homes and docks. It will take an hour or so to make the rotation so you can plan accordingly to watch for the boats with your family. Have a happy and safe Independence Day!!!



Early Treatment

Our lake consultant, Doug Dorling has been working with the Department of Ecology as well as the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife to try to get an earlier treatment date for the lake. Currently our permit does not allow us to treat earlier than June 16th. Given the unusually high temperatures we have been experiencing this spring, the algae and weed counts are considerably above normal. Doug was successful in securing permission to treat earlier and the treatment will take place on Friday and Saturday, June 10th & 11th. They will be applying Hydorthol 191 for the algae, then following up after June 16th with the Diaquat treatment of the weeds. We would appreciate it if you would refrain from boat traffic on those days. While it does not affect the distribution of the chemicals, it makes it very difficult for the applicators to work if their boat is rocking too much. Please help us get a successful application by withholding boat usage so that we can all enjoy great lake water through the summer.

Evergreen Lagoon Treatment

A small test area with a product called Green Clean Pro was conducted a few weeks ago at the southerly end of the lake, to treat for filamentous algae. While the immediate result looked a bit messy, within a few days, the algae was gone and the area was clean and clear.

This Sunday, the 15th of May, we will be expanding the testing to the Evergreen Lagoon, which is experiencing the same filamentous algae growth. This area should be clear by the following Tuesday or Wednesday. This treatment is not for weeds, as per our DOE treatment permits, we cannot treat for weeds prior to June 15th. Please do not expect this treatment to remove the weeds, only the algae.