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September Treatment

Final 2020 Treatment

Some of you are experience clear waters in at your homes and some are experiencing wind rowed thick green algae. We have tested the lake several times over the past few weeks and watched the phosphorous levels rise feeding the algae which a cause for concern. The flock in the water has increased and we are now on the cusp of a bloom. As there is one final treatment approved in this years budget, rather than risk a toxic bloom and being closed by the Pierce County Health Department, we will be treating the lake on Monday and maybe on to Tuesday, September 21st & 22nd. A notice should be posted on your dock or lakefront this weekend. Again, the notice will have a swimming restriction, however, the manufacturers MSDS does not list a restriction. 

As with all treatment, if you irrigate from the lake, refrain from using lake water for 48 hours after treatment. We only had a couple of boats active on the water during the last treatment and would appreciate if everyone could stay off the water during the treatment applications.