About Lake Steilacoom

Lake Steilacoom is located just two and a half miles southwest of Tacoma, WA in the city of Lakewood. The lake was originally formed in 1853 when Andrew Byrd built a dam across Chambers Creek (then known as Steilacoom River) to supply his sawmill with water. At the time the lake was a small pond amongst a larger wetland area and was eventually increased in size.

Today the lake covers 320 acres and is a shallow lake with the deepest points never reaching more than 25 feet. The lake is freshwater and outflows to Chambers Creek. Both Ponce de Leon Creek and Clover Creek are the inflows to the lake at the southern end.

Lake Steilacoom is believe to be haunted by the female monster known as Whe-atchee and the local Nisqually tribe refuses to bath, swim, or fish in the lake. Legend has it that this female monster rises from the water lifting her little finger and thumb making a pinching motion between the two.

The lakefront homeowners have a non-profit organization, Lake Steilacoom Improvement Club, that is charged with the duty to oversee the lake quality, budget and plan for lake treatment for safe and great quality water for recreational usage. There is a self imposed assessment that if approved by the membership and collected through the Pierce County Assessor Treasurers office, though the property tax statements, and remitted to the LSIC Treasurer.  LSIC has an annual general membership meeting during the month of October. The current Board of Directors and officers are as follows:

  • Ed Brooks – President
  • Mary Horn – Secretary
  • Paul Noges – Treasurer
  • Bruce Bodine
  • Brad Boeder
  • Gary Barton
  • Ron Irwin
  • Andy Gustafson
  • Alex Legler
  • Donna Albers
  • Greg Rediske
  • Morris Northcutt
  • Barbara Watson
  • Chad Wirth

Should you wish to send comments to any of the officers or directors, please use the contact me tab of this website and your comments will be directed to the appropriate party(s).