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Late Treatment

Certain areas of the lake have shown a significant amount of wind-rowing of algae, leaving a bright green film on the surface. NW Aquatics was out on the lake this morning (10/23/2018) and took multiple samples and then tested them for toxicity. As it turns out, the samples turned out to be the Anabaena algae, which is a form of toxic algae and thrives in a colder water environment. The good news is the samples came in at 0.4 parts per billion, well under the 1.0 parts per billion allowable under the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department’s for toxicity. Unfortunately, as this algae will continue to thrive under the current weather conditions and soon exceed the toxicity threshold.

Your board has determined it was advisable to authorize another treatment of the lake with Hydrothol, and has done so. This is a budgeted expense for this current budget cycle. The posting will take place tomorrow, Wednesday (10/24), and treatment on Thursday/Friday (10/25 or 26). Please keep your pets out of the water until the treatment period has concluded. Also, if you are irrigating your yards from the lake, please turn off your irrigation systems until Monday, October 29th. 

Additionally, you will notice a white scum on the water for a few days after treatment. What you see floating are the dead algae cells as they turn white and wind-row towards the shoreline. It is not a problem to be concerned about. Thanks for your understanding.