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Late Treatment

Certain areas of the lake have shown a significant amount of wind-rowing of algae, leaving a bright green film on the surface. NW Aquatics was out on the lake this morning (10/23/2018) and took multiple samples and then tested them for toxicity. As it turns out, the samples turned out to be the Anabaena algae, which is a form of toxic algae and thrives in a colder water environment. The good news is the samples came in at 0.4 parts per billion, well under the 1.0 parts per billion allowable under the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department’s for toxicity. Unfortunately, as this algae will continue to thrive under the current weather conditions and soon exceed the toxicity threshold.

Your board has determined it was advisable to authorize another treatment of the lake with Hydrothol, and has done so. This is a budgeted expense for this current budget cycle. The posting will take place tomorrow, Wednesday (10/24), and treatment on Thursday/Friday (10/25 or 26). Please keep your pets out of the water until the treatment period has concluded. Also, if you are irrigating your yards from the lake, please turn off your irrigation systems until Monday, October 29th. 

Additionally, you will notice a white scum on the water for a few days after treatment. What you see floating are the dead algae cells as they turn white and wind-row towards the shoreline. It is not a problem to be concerned about. Thanks for your understanding.

Don’t be left high and dry!

Starting Monday, October 22nd, the lake lowering will start. The dam will be fully opened by the 30th of October with low level achievement expected around November 15, dependent on rainfall. The launch area will be fairly shallow by then. If you take your watercraft out for the winter, we would advise doing so over the next few weeks. We don’t want you experiencing this.

 Image result for dry boat image

August Treatment 8/22

Just like the smoke from the Canadian wildfires has descended upon us, so has the algae. We have been monitoring the waters and are now entering the pre-bloom stage. While we have experienced great water quality during the hot August nights and days for that matter; like all good things, it will come to an end. Water clarity continues to diminish losing over 3′ of clarity in as many weeks. We are, however, the more fortunate ones as you may have read or heard about in the news. Many lakes have shut down due to water quality problems. The recent little blast of rain has brought many new nutrients into the lake from the creeks which will exacerbate the algae growth problem. To see the issue, take a clear tall drinking glass, scoop up some lake water and you will see the algae particles quite clearly.

To make sure we have continued nice clear water and not murky green water, the next treatment of the lake is scheduled for Wednesday, the 22nd of August. It would be helpful is boat traffic could be kept to a minimum during the application process. Your assistance with that would be greatly appreciated.

Algae Treatment 7/19

It’s been a month since the weed treatment and the lake has been in great condition. However in the past week, especially with the hot weather, the lake has started to deteriorate with a loss of 10′ of water clarity and an increase in the algae counts. The good news is testing this past weekend shows no toxicity in the algae samples. It will only get worse with the predicted hot weather for the next few weeks. To make sure we do not experience a bloom making the lake unsuitable for recreational use as well as harmful to the fish, the lake will be treated with Hydrothol on Thursday the 19th. Please look for more information with the notice on your docks scheduled for posting on the 18th.

Lake Weed Treatment 6/18

The weeds are aggressively growing this season. Doug Dorling with NW Aquatics has surveyed the situation and is prepared to attack. Our treatment permits do not allow for a treatment until the 16th of June. Since that day falls on a weekend, and a forecasted awesome one at that, the Diaquat treatment is scheduled to start on Monday the 18th. If your landscape irrigation draws from lake waters, please make sure to turn your systems off for 48 hours. After this treatment application, we will assess the impact to the filamentous algae’s that have been observed in certain locations to see if further treatment is necessary. 


Steilacoom Lake Friends and Neighbors

Once again its time for our bigger, better and “badder” each year, 4th of July boat parade.  Dig out your decorations, horses, eagles, Uncle Sam’s, pirate treasure chest or decorated dog, and join us if you can, to participating in the parade. Parade of boats, SeaDoo’s, kayaks, RC boats, or what ever else you have that can move through the water, will start at the south side of the bridge. Be there at  10:00 AM for a 10:15 departure.

For those that want to watch, please come out and wave the boaters on. The parade will leave the bridge area heading south and onwards around the lake. The whole parade tour will take between 45 minutes to an hour to circumnavigate the lake, so time your locale accordingly.

Let us know if you would be interested in a helping put together a progressive lake party, seeking individuals who would be willing to coordinate this event or be one of the hosts. Date/Time to be determined.

Thanks again to the Lake Steilacoom Ski Club headed by Chad Wirth for their leadership in putting this on and coordinating the efforts. If you wish to know more about the ski club, please contact us through this website.

Skiing Santa

Don’t miss Santa and the Elves on Christmas Day.

Santa and his elves, maybe followed by the Grinch, will be on the lake twice on Christmas. The first foray will be at 9:00 AM followed later, for you sleepyheads, at 1:00 PM. 

They will be starting on the Northeast side of the lake, touring counterclockwise. It will take a little time to get make the round so keep your eyes peeled for them.  Please get out on your decks and docks to wave and cheer them on. 

Santa says Merry Christmas to all!

Annual Homeowners Meeting for 2017

Date: Wednesday, October 25th 2017

Time 6:00 PM

Place: Lakewood City Hall Council Chambers, same as usual;…

Topics:   Lake treatment report
                Current lake status
                Proposed treatments for 2018
                Budget and self assessment for 2018
                Election of board positions
                Open discussion

Lake Treatment

The lake is showing a high concentration of algae, specifically an increase in mycrosystis algae. The lake is being posted on the docks to day 9/28/2017 with treatment to follow on the following day. The water will be fine to use this weekend. Please refrain from lake water landscape irrigation for 48 hours starting Thursday midday. 

Lake Level Update

Just a heads up to let you know the lake level is higher than it should be right now. A tree has fallen into the lake at the dam impeding the outflow of waters. The City has been notified and the situation should be rectified in the very near future.