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Weed Treatment

Many of you have noticed quite a bit of floating weed mats in various areas on the lake. It’s a bit unusual, however, we have experienced this condition in the past.

As you may be aware our permit does not allow for treatment until after June 15th. We are scheduled to start treatment on the 16th and 17th weather dependent. Due to new directorship at the department of ecology, we are now required to do the treatments over two days instead of what usually would take one. Your docks should be posted on the 14th or 15th.

It is helpful if you could keep your boating activity down for a couple of days to facilitate better disbursement of the Diaquat weed killer. Additionally, we have secured enough Hydrothol for 2 lake treatments as the availability has become restricted as well as substantial price increases. 

Looking forward to a weed and algae free summer for all of us to enjoy.

Your Lake Steilacoom Improvement Club Board