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Treatment and Lake Level Update

The summer weather has been great for  all of us to enjoy the lake. Nice warm weather, clear warm waters, BBQ’s and fun times; what lake living is all about.

Of course there is a curse that comes with warmer summers. No, not your in-laws hanging around too long, rather maintaining great water quality. The lake has been treated for the early weed control, performed in June, as well as algae treatments in July and August. The latest testing has shown an increase in algae counts plus a decrease in the water depth clarity. Given those indicators, we are on the cusp of a major algae bloom. The approved budget allows for a third treatment and we will be posting this weekend for a treatment on Monday. Please make sure you irrigation systems are turned off if you draw lake water for your yard.

Another concern that has been expressed by many of you, is the level of the lake. All of the boards are in the dam, however, the fish ladder is partially open to create enough flow for the salmon to continue their upstream migration. The heat and lack of rainfall has severely impacted us, not only through evaporation but Clover Creek has stopped running, thus a lower than normal lake level.

Your water albeit a tad low, should be clean and clear for the remainder of our summer. Enjoy.