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2nd 2021 Algae Treatment

Well the last treatment run didn’t last too long. Clover Creek has stopped running a bit early this year and the reduced amount of fresh water entering the lake has lowered the levels slightly and increased the algae counts greatly. We will be doing a 2 day treatment this Thursday, the 26th of August and Friday, the 27th. This is in an effort to maintain a higher dissolved oxygen level which will help to keep the fish attrition lower than the last treatment. The South basin will be treated on Thursday, then the North basin the following day. Your docks will be posted with the mandatory no water activity directive as it has been in the past. Again the manufacturers of the Hydrothol do not list a swimming restriction on their MSDS sheets. If you are on the lake during the treatment periods, please be mindful of the the applicators boats as not to create wake problems for them. They would greatly appreciate it.