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The HUGE 4th Lake Steilacoom Boat Parade

Get your boat decorating game on and let’s rock the 4th to make this the greatest boat parade to date! Last year there was an incredible amount of participation and the decorations keep getting amped up each year. Let’s keep the momentum going. Chairman Brad Boeder will lead the charge around the lake so let’s all keep up. No stragglers please. Brad will be making some key announcements pre-parade so please try to be punctual at the designated meeting time.

Date – July 4, 2023
Place – Meet place is the Southwest side of the bridge
Time – 11:15 AM gathering for a departure no later than 11:30 AM

The Lakewood Original House of Donuts has graciously agreed to donate again, for best representation by a secret panel of judges in the following categories:

Most Creative – Best Decorated – Best Independence Day Representation – Best 4th Spirit – Judges Favorite

Of course, one could win in multiple categories. Last year it was apparent some Judges were swayed by the swag handouts, just sayin’.

As always, we will circumnavigate the lake in the counter clockwise fashion. We will be entering the Evergreen Lagoon, however not all boats will be able to enter the Ice Rink Lagoon as the draft of their boats won’t permit them to, laden with decorations, passengers and libations. If you live in the Ice Rink lagoon, perhaps find a friendly dock to join up to enjoy the parade. Boat participants, do be aware that there will be judges in each of the lagoons if you want votes!

Happy Independence Day to all and lets have fun and be safe.