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First Treatment of 2021

As with all the spring growth and flowering in your yard, so to the lake is blooming, but not so much in a way we can enjoy. So, our summer treatments begin with the the first inoculation to the lake of Diqauat. This is the same product we have used for many years to eradicate the weeds. For a time anyway….

Treatment will begin on Monday the 21st and conclude on the 22nd. You should see postings on your docks Saturday the 14th. The State requires for any type of treatment a 48 hour swimming restriction be included on the dock postings. However, the manufactures MSDS does not require such a restriction.

If at all possible please refrain from lake boating during the treatment activity. If you are on the water, please keep a large distance from the treatment barge as it will “rock the boat” and pose a safety risk to applicators.

Skiing Santa


Santa will once again visit the residents and guests of Lake Steilacoom on Christmas Day. Get out on your docks to wave Santa on. He will be starting on the North end of the lake, head into the lagoon and then make the counterclockwise loop. He won’t be out long so make sure you are out on your docks and decks. 

His first visit will be at 9:00 AM for he early birds, and for you sleepy heads, again at 1:00 PM. Lets all get out there and cheer him and his elves on. Will the Grinch be there again this year? Nobody knows.

Lake Lowering

The lake lowering has started. Get ready to do your bulkhead or other beachfront maintenance that the higher water has kept you from performing. It will take approximately 2-2 ½ weeks to reach its low level depending on the rainfall during this time. Lots of rain will obviously slow that process down. If you suffer from shallow-itis where your boat is moored, you may want to take it out in the coming week.

September Treatment

Final 2020 Treatment

Some of you are experience clear waters in at your homes and some are experiencing wind rowed thick green algae. We have tested the lake several times over the past few weeks and watched the phosphorous levels rise feeding the algae which a cause for concern. The flock in the water has increased and we are now on the cusp of a bloom. As there is one final treatment approved in this years budget, rather than risk a toxic bloom and being closed by the Pierce County Health Department, we will be treating the lake on Monday and maybe on to Tuesday, September 21st & 22nd. A notice should be posted on your dock or lakefront this weekend. Again, the notice will have a swimming restriction, however, the manufacturers MSDS does not list a restriction. 

As with all treatment, if you irrigate from the lake, refrain from using lake water for 48 hours after treatment. We only had a couple of boats active on the water during the last treatment and would appreciate if everyone could stay off the water during the treatment applications.

Lake Closure and Treatment August 24th

Hope everyone has been enjoying these warm/hot days on the lake. What a treat to be able to cool down in the nice clear lake waters of lake Steilacoom. As we all know, all good things must come to an end and our clear toxic free waters show signs of that potentially coming to an end as soon as this coming weekend.

Never fear, however, as the approved budget allows for more future treatments. To keep our waters as nice as we can, the decision has been made to treat on Monday, August 24th. Again our lake consultants at Northwest Aquatics Eco-Systems will be applying Hydrothol 191 to eradicate the algae. 

Postings taking place the Saturday before with standard dock notices. As a reminder if you irrigate you lawns and plants from the lake to turn OFF your pumps for 48 hours on Monday the 24th. Also, while the posting language is mandated by the Department of Ecology with swimming restrictions, the manufacturers MSDS sheets do not have that restriction.

The big change for this application is the two basins will be independently closed during treatment, one at a time. An unfortunate accident happened on another lake which resulted in the sinking of the application vessel, excess chemical displacement and risk to the workers applying the chemicals. Fortunately no one was hurt, and we want to make sure that a boater on Lake Steilacoom doesn’t create adverse news headlines fo us. Please stay off the water during this treatment. You will have the late afternoon and evening to enjoy that day safely. 

Stay safe and off the water on the 24th!

July Lake Treatment

The warm weather is always nice and an enjoyable time to live the lake life. The downside is the heat assists in promoting algae growth. But not to worry as our lake consultants at Northwest Aquatics Eco-Systems is ready with its arsenal of Hydrothol 191 and its flotilla of disbursement vehicles. 

This will occur on July 27th with postings taking place the Saturday before. As a reminder if you irrigate you lawns and plants from the lake to turn OFF your pumps for 48 hours on Monday the 27th. Also, while the posting language is mandated by the Department of Ecology with swimming restrictions, the manufacturers MSDS sheets do not have that restriction.

This should address our algae concerns for a few weeks or more unless we continue to experience warm weather as we have the last few days.

Hope everyone is enjoying the water so far this year.
Stay safe!

4th of July Boat Parade 2020


Once again its time for our bigger, better and “badder” each year, 4th of July boat parade. We are busy fact checking but this could be the 35th year of this event. So, dig out your decorations, horses, eagles, Uncle Sam’s, pirate treasure chests or decorated dog and join us if you can for the parade of boats! YES you can do – SeaDoo’s, kayaks, RC boats or what ever else you have that can move through the water. We will start congregating at the south side of the bridge at 10:00 AM for a 10:15 departure. Be prompt or be at the back, either way, it will be epic.

What would a parade be without spectators? Well it’s still a parade but not as much fun. So if you are not in the parade, please help cheer us on from your decks and docks. The parade will be leaving the bridge heading south and will take between 45 minutes to an hour to circumnavigate the lake, so time your locale accordingly. One way or another, we hope to see you all.

Have an awesome and safe 4th!

Come out and see Santa

Santa is skiing again!

Come out on your decks and dock and cheer Santa and his elves as they ski by your home. He will be leaving the North Pole at 9:00 AM and again at 1:00 PM. Help keep the Grinch from catching the sleigh. It takes them a little time to circumnavigate the lake so be patient. 

Santa says Merry Christmas!

Lowering the lake

The lake lowering process has started. Looks like it may be a good weekend weather wise and if you take your boat out for the winter, this weekend may be a great time to do so. We will more than likely be at our low level within a few weeks. 

Lakefront Homeowners Meeting

2019 Annual Lake Steilacoom Improvement Club Meeting

The annual meeting will take place on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the City of Lakewood Council Chambers. The address is:

6000 Main St SW
Lakewood, WA  98499

We will be starting promptly and the agenda items will be –

  • Approval of the 2018 meeting minutes
  • Lake quality report
  • Proposed 2020 treatments
  • Treasurers report
  • 2020 recommended assessment
  • Election of directors
  • General comments

Hope to see you all there.